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Sunday, July 1, 2007

- Gimp - Lightning

In this tutorial you will learn the basics of how to create a nice lightning effect. Once you know the basics, you can easily experiment to create different kinds of lightning.


Tommy said...

i got lost in 2 seconds sorry

GexX said...

i completely disagree with tommy! you even went as far as to show how to manually apply a difference clouds filter! this is a fantastic tutorial and the steps are very well explained - not only did u say all the steps, but u explained them as you went along. *best tutorial ever*

JsBird said...

This looks like a great tutorial and I would love to try it.
What version of GIMP is used in this tutorial? My version (2.2.11) does not have the difference cloud filter. Is there somewhere to find that filter so I can add it?

Ajay Patel said...

Awesome I made this: