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Monday, June 11, 2007

- Photoshop - Focusing using decoloration

This lesson will learn you an easy trick to decolorise everything on picture except one person. Very effective way to put focus on one person.

1. Open your picture

2. Use your brush tool, and select Color mode, with parameters as noted bellow:

3. With your brush tool, color (decolorise) every part of the picture you want to decolorise (while you use your brush, it should translate all colors to shades of gray). I wanted to put focus on person in yellow dress, so i got these results:

As you've seen, it is very easy. Hope you've enjoyed it!


kiwigirl06 said...

thanks for this tutorial, its easy to understand and I can add another notch to my learning curve.

tutor said...

glad i could help!
send this link to your friends too!
it's free knowledge for everyone!

Hannah said...

wow. that was really easy and helpful. THanks!

rolak said...

Maaan !!!! Thank you for this tutorial !!!! Great , was searching for something like that so easy and yet so efficient !!!!

Thanks !!! A+