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Saturday, May 26, 2007

- Sound Forge - Basic Effects

This tutorial will show you some very basics in adding effects to track:

1. First, open track you want to add effects to:

2. Second, select portion of the track you want to add effect to:

3. Third, go to Effects section in menu bar, and select desired effect. In my case, i will select Reverb:

You shold get this window:

4. Fourth, select options for your reverb. You can select one of many preset modes for you reverb, or set parametars manually. Once you've done, click OK. The track should now look like this:

Note that part of the track we selected is now reverbed. You can, of course, select whole track to add effect to it.
As you've seen, it is very simple, and it is the same for any effect in menu.


Emilio said...
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Emilio said...

Thank you! You did it in the way that the on-line tutorials must be, easy to understand, simple, with graphics and sharing your expertise from the heart.